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President Wang Weijia visited four European countries


In order to further integration and absorb international advanced preschool education of high quality resources, realize the "foreign serve China", to improve the quality of genesis education group of preschool education and level, from April 15 to 25, 2018, Wang Weijia president as a nationally known to the members of the delegation, the kindergarten is far to Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and France pre-school education in Europe.

President Wang Weijia and her delegation visited Berlin Metropolitan Kindergarten to investigate the teachers' curriculum arrangement and management. At the Peter Fischer Avenue Children's Center, communicate the need to communicate with children and their parents; In Kusser Kindergarten, she learned about the government's policies for kindergartens. In Cologne Kindergarten, observe children's outdoor activities and explore ways to communicate with children and their parents.

By investigating the educational idea, operation mechanism, teaching method, curriculum and teacher training method, experience and mode of multi-country kindergartens in Western Europe, it plays an active role in drawing lessons and promoting the integration of Chinese and Western advanced culture and the establishment of international high quality kindergartens.