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President Wang Weijia went to Finland for investigation


On May 14 2017, according to the annual overseas study plan of Qiyuan Education, President Wang Weijia led Chen Lina, the principal of Qiyuan Education International Primary School, and Zou Lijuan, the supervisor of Hahayu Kindergarten Chain, to Finland under the organization of Sino-Finnish Education Association, which is known as the country with the best education system in the world. During the investigation, Chairman Wang, Principal Chen and Supervisor Zou respectively brought questions to the students. By visiting the campus, talking with teachers and students, attending classes, exchanging topics and interacting with lectures, they had an in-depth understanding and practical experience of the curriculum structure ideas of 3-15 years old education in Finland, various phenomena teaching, students' core qualities and evaluation, etc.

    At Modilan Kindergarten, we have a deeper understanding of the design concept, module setting and practical results of phenomenal teaching curriculum, and observe how teachers practice "Learning by Doing"." in teaching In the Swedish language class at Warwickson Primary School, children learn foreign languages in the process of making pizza, and children have to name the process and ingredients in Swedish, so that students combine learning foreign languages with life. both foreign language and life in a class. At Neistamadja Primary School, they experienced the students' housekeeping class. They had advanced woodworking rooms, and the students made all kinds of daily necessities, such as the manual workshop for making gloves, from design to cutting, sewing and decorating. In Tampere junior high school, we saw the teaching of the theme phenomenon of "water ", which involves many subjects, such as astronomy, science, language, geography and so on. Phenomenon module teaching, driven by problems, multi-disciplinary cooperation, teachers and students participate together, better solve the problem of learning motivation. The problem consciousness, hands-on and practical ability of middle school students are indispensable in the whole process. At Tamerlane Gosgart High School, students design and produce their own fashion. Such project tasks are more life-oriented and situational, which helps students to understand and understand. Around the specific theme, combined with project type, situational experience and cooperative learning, to achieve interdisciplinary teaching and cultivate students' comprehensive ability.

    In Finland, from primary to high school, teachers are required to have a master's degree in subjects taught or in education, and to receive specialized education and training. Primary school teachers, most of whom are research-oriented general-practice teachers, have a comprehensive grasp of the knowledge of various disciplines and know how to implement teaching in the most acceptable way for children. Have a strong ability of education and teaching cooperation and independent ability to complete interdisciplinary teaching tasks. The Finnish curriculum introduces a new approach to cross-curriculum problems. This capacity covers seven competencies that students from innovative entrepreneurship to daily life skills must possess: learning and thinking, cultural communication, interaction and expression, managing daily life, caring for themselves and others, multiple reading, information technology applications, working life and entrepreneurial ability, participation in influencing and building a sustainable development future, which run through the curriculum system at the learning stage of grades 1-9. The evaluation of Finnish students' achievement is not independently assessed by teachers, but by teachers and students. This way of evaluating students pays attention to the equal relationship between teachers and students, clarifies the main position of students in teaching, and has a good reference for improving students' learning enthusiasm and realizing the goal of quality education. Learning and understanding Finland's educational concept and teaching practice, Qiyuan homeopathy high-quality characteristic education solid development. The value of basic education in Finland lies not only in what specific teaching methods they adopt, but also in that all their teaching activities are designed according to their actual needs. It fully embodies the educational thought of "learning to use" in our excellent traditional culture. The Oriental Kai-Yuan Homeopathic Education Institute follows the concept of "listening to their voices and education in accordance with the trend ", vigorously promotes the traditional excellent culture of the Chinese nation, at the same time deeply integrates the superior educational resources of developed countries, continuously consummates and optimizes international courses such as STEM、 creators, mock courts, SSRW、 travel and walking the world, encourages teachers and students to innovate boldly and reverse thinking, and strives to cultivate students' perseverance, willpower, innovation and leadership, and promotes students' personality and comprehensive and harmonious development through the integration of disciplines, the series of concrete activities and the homeopathic classroom teaching method, Committed to the cultivation of national feelings and international vision of innovative social leaders and elite talent!