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Experts from famous British universities visited Qiyuan Education


On the morning of May 28, 2018, Emma, Principal and Vice President of the UK Education Association, Ruth, and Zhang Jiaqi, CEO of Lingfeng Education, visited Qiyuan. Chairman Wang Weijia, together with the company team and the backbone of the school's parents committee, had a cordial discussion with the visiting British experts in the headquarters.

 During the discussion, the chairman of the board, on behalf of all the teachers, students and parents of Qiyuan, welcomed the British experts who came from afar, and then shared the characteristics of the school, the exploration and development of practice and the remarkable educational achievements of Qiyuan. Emma, the vice president, and Ruth, the member, combined with their work experience, communicated with each other about the educational facilities, teachers, classroom organization, family education, etc., in the pre-school and basic education stage of the UK.

Through exchanges, both sides highly agree on the concept of homeopathic education and the characteristics of promoting students' personality and comprehensive and harmonious development, and look forward to increasing exchanges and cooperation in the future.