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Love and beauty, as promised


Dear big friends and childre

Our holiday balance is insufficient, and can not recharge, get ready, we are going to start school!

 We will be full of enthusiasm, active into the work. Embrace our little angels with love, patience and responsibility. In order to your baby safe and happy in the kindergarten, Qiyuanyang Optical Valley Kindergarten carefully prepared for parents and friends "warm tips", let's have a look.



School time August 28,2023 (Monday)


Warm tips for school

ⅠⅢⅣⅤⅥⅦ Do a good job of four adjustments

1.  Adjust the work and rest schedule

Parents can arrange their children's daily life according to the work and rest schedule of the kindergarten, adjust their biological clock, adapt in advance, and achieve home synchronization. Go to bed early and get up early, and develop good living habits.



2. Adjust your eating habits

Develop a good habit of eating regularly and eating independently. Eat less greasy food and snacks, eat more light and nutritious food, fully supplement the diet rich in vitamins, is conducive to digestion and absorption, to prevent food accumulation.


3. Adjust self-care ability

Try to let the child independently complete eating, brushing teeth, clothing and other things, improve the child's self-care ability.

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4. Adjust your mental state

Parents can timely remind the baby to start school, the holiday life has entered the countdown, to prepare in advance to enter the park. You can recall the happy life in the kindergarten together with the child, as well as his favorite teachers and small partners, to arouse the child's yearning for the kindergarten.


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Tips to go to school

1. When returning to the garden, please bring your baby's bedding, change your clothes and water cups.

2. Please check your baby's nails and trim them in time.

3. Organize your baby's school bag, bring no toys and other snacks, and bring sharp items into the park.

4. In order to cultivate the sense of politeness, babies can be encouraged to say hello to their teachers and peers when they come to the park.

5. No matter how the child cries when I first enter the kindergarten, I hope parents trust the teacher and say goodbye to the child gently and firmly. This is a process that every child goes through, and believe that the child will adapt very quickly.

6. For the safety of your baby, please do not wear valuables, jewelry and dangerous goods for your baby.

  How to avoid the separation anxiety of new children?1 First thing to know what is "separation anxiety"?

Separation anxiety refers to the emotional fluctuations of children who have never left home, from a familiar environment to a new environment, from the individual life to the collective life, and thus the psychological fluctuations.

Why is there a sense of separation anxiety?

1. Changes in children's life rules and living habits.

2. The environment changes.

3. Change in life objects.

How to solve the kindergarten separation anxiety?

1. Be honest and refuse to steal.

2. Practice goodbye and part briefly.

3. Learn to make friends and reduce your anxiety.

4. Cultivate your ability and learn how to live.

5. Be flat and not muddy.

6. Provide a transitional item to give the child time to adjust before leaving.

Separation anxiety is a necessary process for every child to go to school. It is to hone the growth of children and also test the willpower of parents. The first time to go to kindergarten, is the biggest setback in the life journey of the children, psychological and physiological will face huge challenges. As a parent, they must be brave, calm and correctly face their children's separation anxiety, cooperate with kindergarten teachers, help their children through the separation anxiety period in the shortest time, and integrate into the happy life of the kindergarten as soon as possible. Home education together, help children attentively, adhere to together, grow up together, harvest infinite surprise together.


Love and beauty, as promised.

Looking forward to our early meeting.

I wish all the children a new semester Always accompanied with joy,

Always preserve the innocence and romance,

Healthy and happy growth every day.







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