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Color dopamine, happy new starting point


The sound of cicadas sound summer long, suddenly also feel autumn.

 The most beautiful encounter, is the school with you;

The best expectation is the future;

Walk into the colorful kindergarten life awakened by dopamine,

Hand in hand to open the new semester happy journey!





  The sand check-in, better and better 

  The green quicksand shining in the morning light. The babies are happy to fill the quicksand with the quicksand pool, carrying the hope, and also expressing the good wishes of all the teachers of Ruida Branch Kindergarten for the growth of the babies in the new semester.

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Coloured lollipop, wish the baby is healthy, learning well.



The flag-raising ceremony, the principal delivered a speech

Facing the cool autumn wind, all the children and teachers gathered on the big playground. With the solemn national anthem, the five-star red flag ran slowly raised. High singing in every corner of the kindergarten, the horn of the new semester has been played, the children with full of spirit to welcome the arrival of the new semester.

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After the flag-raising ceremony, the principal's mother sent a message to the children and teachers, full of expectations for the teachers and children. I hoped that the teachers could welcome the work of the new semester with a new look.

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Game interaction, the clown performance play exaggerated lovely Mr. Clown from the "treasure box" took out a long balloon, a breath blew up, the clown left a twist right a twist, three or five under the balloon into a different shape, like an elf decorated with each child's dream. 

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Mr Clown also played the sun wukong, pig eight quit, with exaggerated action deduce "journey to the west" highlights —— pig eight quit back daughter-in-law, etc., let the children feel the joy and happiness at the same time, into the journey to the west, indulge in the charm of literature, in their hearts, a worship the seeds of literature, literature has quietly sprout.


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Artistic imagination, color dopamine

There are a thousand Hamlet in the eyes of a thousand people, painting in the eyes of children is like a colorful rainbow, children can use it to weave colorful dreams, each child has a pair of dexterous hands, draw the dream, draw the future, draw the beautiful world in their own eyes.


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Time has you,

childlike innocence so much Slowly taste the joy of those growth Listen to their heart,

follow the trend and education May all the good things be done,

Are in the Qiyuan Haha fish chain kindergarten Ruida branch park meet sb. accidentaly,

This is the beginning of the August voyage

Let's work together In the big family of "music playing,

music group, music learning" Start the full new semester!


(Qiyuan reporter station: Yang Lan)