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In the name of love, walk hand in hand


New semester, a new journey. Follow the educational concept of "listen to its voice, follow the trend and education", in order to further strengthen the home contact, promote the development of children five yuan quality. Give full play to the joint force of home education, strive for parents' understanding, let parents further understand the kindergarten education, and effectively promote the cooperation and cooperation between homes.Qiyuan Yangguanggu Kindergarten specially carries out the new semester parents' meeting activities.

The most beautiful in the beginning,

the best meet Heart to accompany,

waiting for the flowers

An encounter of love and responsibility

An open heart of communication

Arrange a small scene, is the child's expectation, the teacher's heart, is also the respect for the parents. In order to welcome the arrival of the parents, all the teachers of Sunshine Valley Kindergarten have made careful preparations, and issued a sincere invitation to the parents. The autumn parents' meeting will be held on the afternoon from September 15 to September 16,2023.



Get together for love, and walk together for love

Parents come with love and expectations, as promised, and actively cooperate with the park to sign in. In a relaxed and happy atmosphere, the parent-teacher meeting was opened.


Listen attentively and look forward to the future

Before the meeting began, the teachers and the parents played a little warm-up games together. Interesting games make the classroom full of laughter, but also close the distance between each other, more familiar with each other.

This parents' meeting is a heart to heart communication, but also a love and love communication. Communicate with parents heart to heart, really understand the demands of parents. Communicate with teachers face to face, and feel their professionalism and love.



This meeting, the teachers in ppt way. The teachers and the parents looked back on the children's growth. Then conducted the class introduction, the class teacher allocation and the number of children. Work with your parents. And according to the class age characteristics of children made a detailed analysis, so that parents can further understand the development characteristics of children at different ages. Subsequently, the paper focuses on the introduction of the class children training goals and education and teaching work, and according to the characteristics and commonness of the class children and parents were discussed.



Education and teaching work, in order to promote children's normal physical development and coordinated development, promote the comprehensive development of children's intelligence, emotion, skills and other aspects, according to the "3~6 years old children learning development guide", my kindergarten curriculum is divided into: health, language, society, science, art and other five fields. In order to meet the needs of children's comprehensive development of multiple intelligences, cultivate children's personality, excavate children's art for thousands of years, enrich children's life in the garden, our garden has opened some characteristic courses, as follows: multiple intelligence, African drum, guzheng and so on. Show the weekly plan and network map to let parents have a more intuitive and clear understanding of the semester's theme courses and training objectives.



Home education together, concentric with the same frequency

After the teacher's detailed introduction, many parents open their hearts and talk about what they think. They understand each other, share each other, trust each other hand in hand to become partners of education and help children grow up healthily together. At the same time, they also expressed their gratitude to the teachers for their hard work.


Two-way rush, grow together

In the meeting, the parents showed their true feelings, shared their feelings, communicated with the class teacher, affirmed the work of the garden, home hand in hand to cultivate, although we have different identities, but we have a common goal, common education, common company, guide and help children healthy, happy and all-round development.


Autumn wind has a letter, flowers will bloom sometimes

Don't worry, grow up slowly

We are hand in hand, all the way forward!





Qiyuan reporter station: Li Wenpei)