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Come and watch the campaign of Qiyuan International experimental primary School


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"Chic young race to the stage, impassioned display of demeanor; the students of Qiyuan to pursue their dreams, the courage to take on the responsibility of the future ."


In order to further strengthen the organization and construction of the Young Pioneers in schools and promote the work of the Young Pioneers in schools to move towards a more standardized and characteristic direction, at noon on September 23th,2020, the Brigade Department of Qiyuan Primary School launched a general election campaign for the brigade committee, which was presided over by teacher Yoyo, a counselor of the brigade.


There are 62 young pioneers in the campaign, the leaders from each class, one by one in the election order. At the election scene, the candidates were confident. Through their wonderful campaign speeches, they expressed their enthusiasm and yearning for the work of the brigade committee. One by one strong and upright posture, sonorous and forceful language, all revealed to contribute a strong confidence in the management of the brigade department, but also showed the spirit of Qi Yuan primary school students.



 "I love the work of the Young Pioneers because it is the cradle for the development of successors to the communist cause ," Zhang Tongwei, who ran for security, said in a speech. "My interests are very broad, I love reading, read more than 300 books, I also like to travel, have been to France, Germany, Switzerland and more than 10 countries, broaden their horizons, broaden their knowledge, but also a preliminary understanding of the security regulations and rules of these countries, can lead students to discuss, in the future to become an excellent person in international affairs ."


I am a flower, I will strive to open up;I am a tree, I will thrive, in the future become pillars of talent; I am the Young Pioneers Department cadres, I will strive to become everyone's pilot ." This is Lu Mingzhuo's determination.


The annual selection procedure of the brigade department adopts the mode of students' free election and independent management. On the eve of each selection, the students who stand for election always can not contain their inner excitement, write speeches, try to speak, revise again and again, exercise over and over again, hope to play their best, can stand out in the selection, fully show their courage and talent.

After fierce competition ,27 Young Pioneers eventually became members of the new Young Pioneers Brigade Committee.

Qiyuan International Experimental Primary School has been paying attention to the cultivation of students' leadership ability since it was run. It insists on the system of rotating class cadres and running for brigade cadres, running "100% leaders "through all aspects of study, life, class management and brigade department management. Through a series of activities, students' thinking ability, speech ability, hands-on ability, organizational ability, leadership ability, coordination ability, logical thinking ability and so on have been rapidly improved and developed.


In class management, we formulate class post responsibilities, through the shift of class cadres, to create a platform for students to stand out, improve the leadership of students. So that students can correctly understand and evaluate themselves, according to their own personality and potential to choose the appropriate direction of development, to achieve everyone to participate in class management.


In order to enable more students to participate in school management, Qiyuan International Experimental Primary School organizes the three sessions of the Student Union, the Family Committee and the Teachers' Association to run the school together. Every semester, three special sessions are held to organize students, parents and teachers to discuss students' aspirations and school management and development. At the meeting, students can speak freely, talk about their own ideas and suggestions in school management, so that students can fully experience the responsibility and power of managers.


It is the eagle that will fly, and the petrel that will fly across the sea. The series of activities of the school are to build a platform for the development of students. In cooperation and cooperation, students have produced a lot of thinking and understanding, learned to choose, know how to be grateful. The development of the activities let them have personality, self-discipline, independent characteristics, grow into a better self, class, brigade department become the stage of self-growth, self-management of students. This is the innovation of student management in Qiyuan International Experimental Primary School. The school will spare no effort to enable every Kai Yuan child, strive to train every Kai Yuan child to become a personality and comprehensive and harmonious development, rooted in China, blend Chinese and foreign elite leaders with global competence.