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[Qiyuan style] attentively watering, to educate people with love


Qiyuan School has always adhered to the party's education policy, cultivated people by virtue and developed in an all-round way, and strictly followed the concept of "listening to their voice and following the trend" put forward by President Wang Weijia. The school has constructed a "10 + 3 + 1" and "1 + 6 + 2" core literacy goal training system to promote children's personality and comprehensive and harmonious development, and put it into educational practice, thus forming the school-running characteristics of "combination of Chinese and Western elements, art, individuality and all-round development". Reviewing the glorious course of the development of the past 20 years, the most commendable is that we have grown up a team with excellent quality, strong ability, and integrated management, teaching and service.

Qiyuan primary school head teacher, full of love, good at learning. They follow the rules of education themselves, conform to the characteristics of children's own development, teach students in accordance with their aptitude, and teach along the trend. They get along with students day and night, also teachers and friends; they are the backbone of school moral education work, is the student wisdom of enlightenment, the guide of growth; they are the students of the spiritual world watchman, they interpret the connotation of "class teacher" this lofty career. Peach and plum fragrance, teach long, "flowers blossoming, each table a branch," let's enjoy the Qiyuan primary school excellent teacher style.


Hou Yan】
Graduated from Chinese Language and literature major



Now served as the Qiyuan primary school class D3 class director and Chinese teaching work. Since her graduation in 2004, she has been engaged in primary school Chinese teaching and head teacher management. In the aspect of head teacher management, she takes "learning to be a man and keeping habits" as the two lines of education, blending and influencing the children; in teaching, she is sensitive and studious, making the theory used and displayed skillfully in teaching practice, and gradually takes the class from "shape" to "spirit".

Over the years, she has cared for every student with her love. In Qiyuan Primary School, she has sent away three graduates, and her class has excellent grades and has been respected and recognized by her parents. He has also won the honorary titles of "Excellent Head Teacher", "Excellent Teacher in Zhengzhou City" and "Excellent Head Teacher in Management District" in Henan Province.

The head teacher's voice】

Mr.Tao Xingzhi, a famous educator and thinker, once said: "thousands of teachers teach people to seek truth, thousands of learning learning to do real people". As a primary school head teacher, as a practitioner of modern education, I will use actions to practice, and will always teach students to seek truth, learn true skills, raise true morality, with the word "true" as their own teaching."The road is long, I see no ending, I will search up and down", in the journey of the class teacher forward, I will study with the students, make progress together, and grow together.


[Tu Xiaoyan]

Graduated from Chinese education major

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Amable, cheerful personality, willing to make friends, love music, love physical exercise, the pursuit of a healthy and elegant life interest. And can keep pace with The Times, constantly improve their own cultural literacy, strengthen moral cultivation, strong quality, outside the image, with their own personality charm education my students, do a good job in their own teaching work. She is not only gentle, but also soft and strong. He has been working as a head teacher for 13 years, and won the Excellent Head Teacher in Guancheng District and the Excellent Head Teacher of Qiyuan Primary School. His class has won the title of Excellent Class for many times, won the first prize of the school for teaching observation class, and his paper "The Importance of Timely Education" won the second prize of Zhengzhou Small Paper.

The head teacher's voice】

As the manager of the class and the leader of students' thoughts, we should not only have knowledge, but also become the practitioners of advanced ideas, managing students from the perspective of "listening to their aspirations, and follow the trend" to educate. The school concept into the class concept, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of students, enrich the students 'learning life, enrich the students' spiritual world, let the class become the paradise for students to grow, let the campus become the basis point for students to fly.


Geng Yali】
Graduated from Chinese Language and literature major

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Primary school Chinese subject teaching backbone teacher. Since teaching, has been engaged in class management and Chinese teaching work. She has solid professional knowledge and basic skills, serious and responsible work, and has formed a unique personal style in teaching. In the usual teaching process, she give full play to the main body role, try to let the students do the classroom host, create a lively teaching atmosphere, and pay attention to the cultivation of students' learning habits, make students get "wisdom" and "line" nourish, form good study habits and master scientific learning methods, the class students excellent, trusted by students love and parents friends. Since entering Qiyuan, her class has been awarded "Excellent Class" for many times. I have also been awarded as "Excellent Head Teacher in Guancheng District", "Qiyuan Excellent Head Teacher", "Qiyuan Primary School Meritorious Teacher" and "Touching Qiyuan People" for the 15th celebration of Qiyuan Education.

The head teacher's voice】

A class, a small world, each student is a colorful book, a completely different book. The famous educator Suhomlinski once said, "every child is unique, is a completely different world". Indeed, every student's personality is completely different. In class management, I adhere to the educational concept of "listening to their voice, following the trend", respect the individual differences of students, and carry out education in a targeted way, so that every student can develop in an all-round way and grow healthily.

It is easy to plant a seed, but the harvest is full of spring scenery and it must be carefully cultivated. The head teacher of Qiyuan Primary School is conscientious in the ordinary post, devoting himself to every trivial thing of the class with full enthusiasm, and with their sincere feelings fixed the beautiful changes of each class in time. Product small step, to thousands of miles; product small flow, into the sea. I hope that every student in Qiyuan will live up to the expectations and become a future elite and leader who are rooted in China and have Chinese and foreign personalities and harmonious development.


Draft: Wang Lu)