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Walking with books, light up the childlike innocence


"Spring breeze blowing face to books, plum rain run flowers open."warbler song dance, song water, not young, not dream.

Qiyuan School follows the forward-looking education concept of "listening to his voice, and education with the trend" proposed by Principal Wang Weijia, and fully implements the "14 + 4" children's behavior ability target system. Formed a prominent characteristics and advantages, in the domestic and foreign enjoy a certain reputation and visibility. In order to root the seeds of "reading for the rise of China" in the hearts of students and young, the school carries out "reading month activities" every year. The reading month activity aims to cultivate students' love of reading, improve their learning ability, enable them to understand the world, cultivate their sentiment, increase their knowledge and form a good character in reading, and lay a foundation for cultivating future elites and leaders with personality and comprehensive and harmonious development.

In this most beautiful season, the students of Qiyuan Primary school set off a upsurge of reading, with book easy book, pass classics; with books, light childlike innocence.


  Trade in one book for another book






Be happy to share

 "Listen to the aspirations of children, follow the trend and teach, and make learning a lifelong happiness."Sharing on stage is also a kind of happiness.

One tree shakes another tree, and one soul awakens another soul. Every reading is a photosynthesis of body and mind; every sharing is a taste of spiritual fruits.

Water has no China, swing and ripples; stone without fire, life and light. Careful reading, sincere sharing, brought the collision of ideas, but also the navigation of action.




Stick to clock in

"Bo view and about to take, study hard to the formal body". Books are the ladder of human progress. But the book color, yan in the west; only the book has China, show in a hundred flowers. A good book is like a good teacher and helpful friend, which can expand the thinking, inspire the wisdom, wash the mind, and benefit the people.

Keep doing the right things and do the good things for a long time. I hope the students insist on reading, insist on learning, sharing, positive thinking, adhere to flexible use, let the atmosphere of reading, warm and vigorous; let the channel of communication, unimpeded; let the seeds of learning, take root in every teacher and students, sprout, blossom, fruit, nourish the mind and resolve trouble. Enrich yourself and improve your self-cultivation. The cultivation of this "perseverance" is also one of the important contents of the core quality cultivation of Qiyuan School.

  One's name is on the list of successful candidates.


This reading activity is rich and colorful. It makes every Qiyuan student taste the fragrance of "pleasant reading" and open the wings of their dream. The reading activity has effectively practiced the basic quality standards and the core quality standards proposed by Qiyuan School, and improved the students' reading ability and accumulation ability.

"Hold thousands of songs and then dawn sound, watching thousands of swords and then recognize the instrument."Qiyuan School insists on organizing and carrying out reading activities every year. The dense fragrance of books accompanies the children to thrive, and the eternal classics inspire the children's lifelong yearning for the mother tongue culture. To help form children's patriotic and collectivism world outlook.

Book rhyme is ran, the meaning is long, the classic spread, bathing in the fragrance of books. Students in various forms of reading activities not only improve the language expression ability, also understand the interpersonal skills, more learned the perceived beauty, appreciate beauty and create beauty, the cultivation of behavior ability and improve let qi yuan students healthy growth, we firmly believe in the near future, they will become pillars, we wish qi yuan this "ivy" school, become a pearl of the basic education zhongzhou earth, shining.





Draft group: Wang Lu)