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Language view, view of the world


Qiyuan School follows the forward-looking education concept of "listening to his voice, and education with the trend" proposed by Principal Wang Weijia, and fully implements the "14 + 4" children's behavior ability target system. Empowering students, they are committed to cultivating future innovative elite talents with national feelings and international vision. The teachers of the language center use the golden key of "English" to listen to the aspirations of children, parents and society, create a "school" borderless, open the window for children to see the world, broaden their horizons and broaden their thinking. Qiyuan Education not only cultivates compound talents for the country, but also leads children on the road of spreading Chinese culture and tradition. Today, let's have a look at the excellent teacher representatives of the Language Center!

Wang Li】
Graduated in English education



A member of the Communist Party of China, bachelor's degree, graduated from Henan University of Education in 2006, majoring in English education. He has been engaged in primary school English teaching, class management and school English education and teaching management for 15 years. Since the qi yuan, she has won the qi yuan meritorious teachers, outstanding teachers, outstanding teacher, field quality won the first prize, "ten years of the most popular teacher", "15 years moved qi yuan character nomination", tube city outstanding teachers, city outstanding education workers, private education teachers, Henan province private education excellent education workers, the national primary and secondary school English Olympic competition, national primary and secondary school English knowledge competition excellent tutoring, ACT Chinese youth oral English competition excellent tutoring award, etc. At the same time, he also pays attention to exploration and research. His paper "Strengthening Students 'Personalized Education and Promoting Students' Comprehensive Development" won the first prize of national journal, and his research topic "Practice and Research of Inquiry Learning in Primary School English Teaching" won the third prize of scientific research project in Zhengzhou. During her teaching period, she has been adhering to the concept of "listening to her voice and following the trend". She loves students, works hard, has flexible teaching methods, and is well received by students and parents.

Teacher's voice】

"Every child in your classroom is the whole world of a family. Educators should always maintain a heart full of love and responsibility. " It has always been my moral benchmark as a teacher and my motto in my work. As an education worker, we should stick to beginner's mind, listen attentively, with love and responsibility to conveniently, absorb the ideas of Confucius, combining with Howard gardner multiple intelligences, from set out actually, pay attention to personality characteristics, so as to promote the all-round development of students, for our country to cultivate excellent socialist successors to lay a solid foundation!

Qi Zhangjing】
Graduated in English education

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Since entering Qiyuan, I has been engaged in primary school English teaching and class management, and I am deeply loved by my classmates and parents. She has won the "qi yuan meritorious teachers"  "five-star trait teacher"  "five-star quality teacher"  "education teaching and management innovation star staff"  "ten years celebrate the most praised teacher", tube city "outstanding head teacher", "the province" private education system outstanding head teacher ", the province" private primary and secondary school youth teachers class final primary school English group " and other honors.

She devoted herself to teaching and scientific research. Her research subject "Experimental Research on Small Class Teaching Reform" won the third prize of teaching achievements in Zhengzhou, and her paper "Analysis on the Arrangement of Primary School English Homework" won the second prize in Zhengzhou, which is a worthy teaching backbone.

Qi Zhangjing is knowledgeable, has a wide range of hobbies, cheerful and optimistic. Her classroom teaching is lively and humorous, which is deeply loved by students. Over the years, she has listened to the aspirations of students and parents, warmed every childlike innocence with love, and led children to be positive, all-round development, healthy and healthy.

The head teacher's voice】

Students will never learn from their teachers who do not like them! As a head teacher, we must let the students feel our enthusiasm, sincerity and love, so as to become our closest friends, fans and even family members, and they will unswervingly follow us. May every child in Qiyuan Primary School get the due care, respect, teaching and help, and may every educator become his expected teacher!

Zhang Yan
Graduated in English education

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  She has been teaching for more than 20 years, and has been engaged in primary school English teaching and head teacher work. Practical and rigorous is her style and strong sense of responsibility. She pays attention to the exploration of teaching methods and education methods in her work. To love infected students, to sincerely touched parents, by teachers and students and parents and friends praise. As a backbone teacher, she continues to improve herself through learning, setting an example for young teachers and setting a higher goal for herself.

The head teacher's voice】

Montessori said that "all education of children must follow a principle: that is to help the natural development of body and mind."Combined with qi yuan "listen to their voice, and education" innovative idea, I have been constantly to observe at work, to find the children of different advantages, starting from the advantages to encourage them, help them build confidence, because every child is a seed, I would like to put their passion and love into a ray of sunshine, for the children to provide sweet rain and fertile soil, make every seed is full of vitality!

Ma Juan】

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  She graduated from Zhengzhou Normal University in 2007, majoring in English education. He has been engaged in education for more than 15 years. Since joining Qiyuan, he has been engaged in English teaching and head teacher. She loves reading and exploration is her characteristics. At the same time, she can transform the knowledge she has read into easy to understand content, so that students can feel the charm of language and the ocean of knowledge. All the students she taught told her: I knew a lot. In terms of teaching, she has been pursuing classroom innovation and trying to return the classroom to children, so that children can truly become the leader of learning. Students have problems, she insisted to talk to children first, help children solve their own problems, and then communicate with parents communication and the child as a result, this way, let the child feel respect, let parents also feel the most real heart, such communication method loved by children and parents friends, to her trust is growing.

As a teacher, she specializes in teaching and strives to improve class management. She has won the honors of "Excellent Head Teacher in Management District", "Five-star Characteristic Head Teacher", "Employee with Five-star Characteristic", "First Prize of School-level Quality Class" and other honors. But she has always focused in teaching methods to improve academic literacy and set higher goals. She listens attentively to the voices of students and parents, and leads the children to be positive, all-round development, healthy and healthy.

The head teacher's voice】

Teachers are mountains, and students are water. Mountains and water color, reflect each other. Teachers and students are a kind of fate, but also a kind of true love. As a teacher, with their own actions to guide students to think deeply, and to be a real listener, this is our school has always advocated the "listen to their voice, follow the trend and education" innovative education teaching concept. Teachers have patience and love, they will not miss the children's most real ideas, persistent pay will be in exchange for the students' sincere return. The essence of listening is to put down the teacher's shelf, to face the students with a warm smiling face, to strengthen the communication and communication with each other, heart to heart dialogue must start by sincere listening. This is the true meaning of our school's innovative education teaching concept of "listening to its voice and education".


Teachers in the language center, such as English letters, on the "letter tree" of Qiyuan Education, spring and autumn, winter and heat, patiently teach children how to connect letters together to form words. Three, four, or more words together, and words together to form sentences and say meaningful and important things to children. Every child tries hard to think, what is important? At last they thought, what was more important than peace? They wrote excitedly:

World peace, for the benefit of mankind (Peace on earth and goodwill toward all men.).



A combination of Chinese and western is the characteristics of qi yuan school, language center teachers, lead the students in English learning, comprehensive promotion qi yuan children foreign language language literacy, the children bold confidently with foreign teachers and foreign studies of foreign people free and confident communication, focus on overseas study qi yuan students, also admitted by the right university and reported good news to his Alma mater. I hope that every Qiyuan child will live up to their expectations and become a future elite talent with global competence rooted in China and integrating the comprehensive and harmonious development of Chinese and foreign countries.


Draft: Wang Guangna)