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[Graduation season] Looking back on the growth of Thanksgiving sailing


In this summer, in this season of fruits and fruits, Qiyuan Primary School ushered in the 2023 graduation season! Adhering to the innovative educational concept of "listening to their voice, and following the trend", the school has made outstanding achievements in teaching and research. In order to show the students for six years in the school yuan conveniently under the idea of "10 + 3 + 1" the development of five yuan quality, as well as the "14 + 4" as a goal to show, express graduates gratitude to his Alma mater and teachers, let the students in primary school good and unforgettable memories, to their primary school life draw a satisfactory full stop, Qiyuan elementary school held two days night graduation series of development activities.

01 Opening ceremony

On the morning of June 20, the children sang by bus to their destination and changed into camouflage clothes. Starting from the interesting "ice breaking" action, students 'activities one after another: through "camp" to cultivate students' good living habits; through "team warm up" and "wind and rain" activities, promoted the development of student unity and interpersonal skills; through "drawing ideal", let each child's ideal described more plump and specific, the activity in the graduation Thanksgiving activities to pull to the climax.




02 The principal's speech


On behalf of Dr. Wang Weijia, President Chen will extend his warm congratulations to the students who have successfully completed the 6-year primary school academic task! At the same time, on behalf of all the faculty and staff of Qiyuan School, she congratulated our 160 students on successfully completing the academic task of primary school under the guidance of the innovative education concept of "listening to the voice of education" and realizing the established quality training goal of Qiyuan "Five Good Youth"!


In the journey of pursuing their dreams in the future, Qiyuan students will be accompanied by bright sunshine, and they will also go through trials and hardships. Anyway, we will always be here to bless you, hear, share and treasure your story....

President Chen's enthusiastic words inspired the children to fly their dreams and grow up happily, hoping that the children could go to higher and farther goals and have a colorful life. I wish all the children of Qiyuan can become the future innovative elite talents with personality and comprehensive and harmonious development, with national feelings and international vision.

03 Thanksgiving show



The graduating class of this unique art performance, the students with a happy dance, beautiful melody blessing each other, to commemorate the unforgettable, beautiful primary school learning time. They express their gratitude to their teachers and their blessings to their Alma mater with their talents and sincerity. The children are full of years of harvest, full of the deep feelings of their Alma mater and teachers, and are about to embark on a new journey of life.

Don't forget the peach and plum love, cherish the youth year. Although the graduation ceremony of Qiyuan Primary School is short, the memory left for everyone is a different kind of warmth. The whole graduation ceremony activity tears and happiness interweave, farewell and hope together, leaving an eternal, unforgettable moment, but also a washing soul of love and gratitude education!

04 Growth giant painting



On the next day, the children worked together to draw the blueprint for growth, review the six years of study and life, feel the joy of growth, and draw the steps of growth. Not only looking up at the stars, but also down-to-earth, I completed a 90 square meters of growth painting together, and witnessed the healthy growth of students in Qiyuan.

05 To achieve the goal


In the afternoon, the children braved the heat and sweat. More than 160 students continued to work together to complete more than 600 power circles, fully demonstrating the perseverance and leadership of Qiyuan students.

06 Parental acknowledgement




Once soak up the apricot rain, life read the teacher. In order to express their gratitude to the school and the teachers, the parents of the sixth grade of Qiyuan Primary School sent the banner to the school to express the affirmation of the school's teaching work and thank the teachers for their care and teachings to the children.  

This is a beautiful two-way agreement. Parents give the banner, is an honor, but also a responsibility; is the affirmation and encouragement of school work, but also a spur and incentive; full of parents sincere emotion, contains the teacher love feelings. In the future, the teachers of Qiyuan Primary School will continue to work hard, stay true to their original aspiration, live up to the mission, and more firmly take the trust, support and understanding of students' parents to teachers as the driving force to move forward, and make unremitting efforts to run Qiyuan Ivy Education!

07 The future can be expected





Draft: Wang Lu)