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New education, new teaching and new future


The deeper the study, the more clear the knowledge, the more thorough the line, the further the study. In order to further strengthen the construction of teachers, study and implement the spirit of Compulsory Education Curriculum Standards (2022 Edition), better practice the concept of opportunistic education, and guide teachers to change the classroom ecology, four teachers from Qiyuan School recently went to Meicun Senior High School in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province for a two-day education training. In the training process, all the teachers listened carefully to the experts' teaching, accumulated the strength to move forward, and created conditions for improving their own teaching level. Although the training time is very short, but we have gained a lot.


     Professor Gu Mingyuan, honorary president of Oriental Qiyuan conveniently oriented Education Research Institute, has visited Qiyuan School for many times to guide the school education and teaching work. The hazy autumn rain in Wuxi in September was full of hope and joy. We met with all the education masters, especially our beloved 95-year-old educator, Gu Mingyuan, and were once again impressed by his moral, noble, academic and pure education spirit.

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01Expert lectures, to lead the way forward

Only in the long way can the water long flow, and both energy can surpass the self. Training process full and rich, 15 experts from education theory to teaching practice, from traditional to modern, from science and technology to application, all-round angles illustrates the "new education new teaching future" teaching way of change and education ecological reconstruction, for us a new education thought baptism, real is a feast of today's education. In the training, experts can directly hit the confusion of our current classroom, clarify the dialectical relationship between "learning" and "teaching" in the teaching process, start from the heart, act for love, experts' humorous speech and simple examples pointed out new ideas and methods for us. At the same time, the training also allows us to see the excellent humanistic quality, solid scientific knowledge, elegant etiquette quality, innovative open thinking and lifelong learning consciousness, which all inspire us to forge ahead on the journey of educational exploration.


02Go deep into the classroom and explore the reform     

Education grand ceremony of famous teachers, shine. The class of famous teachers and experts is wonderful, full of vitality and wisdom, which is a soul washing for every teaching personnel who participates in the training. 

As the old saying goes, " It is better to teach a man to fish than to teach him to fish."This observation class let us deeply realize that as a front-line teachers must not teach for" teaching ", every time to learn new knowledge should not only be limited to the textbook, but should teach students more learning methods. Only when students really master the learning method, can they really learn to learn, and teachers can really do "from help to release", so that they can really achieve "teaching for learning".

 The pursuit of primary school Chinese theme teaching —— based on curriculum standards, make good use of the current teaching materials. In the face of the new curriculum reform, we should change the educational concept, the "new curriculum" "new curriculum standard" "new teaching material" "new teaching concept" into the daily teaching work, in the premise of grasping the spirit of the creative application of the teaching material, so that students learn lively, to achieve high-quality Chinese teaching.


Primary school mathematics theme teaching in the situation to explore, growth in the activities. Life experience is the perceptual knowledge obtained by primary school students in daily life. Mathematical knowledge is the rational result of human beings understanding the world by mathematical methods. The "life experience" is transformed into "mathematical knowledge", so that teachers know that mathematical knowledge is not external to students, but endogenous.


The interdisciplinary subject learning of English is the highlight of the revision of the new curriculum standard, and also the difficulty of teaching implementation. Combined with theoretical examples, it clarifies the concept, connotation and typical characteristics of interdisciplinary topics, constructs the design framework and model of interdisciplinary topic learning, promotes the classroom teaching reform, and points out the direction for teachers' teaching practice and research in the future.


"There is no limit to learning."The short time passed in a hurry, the learning trip in Wuxi, not only let us witness the style of experts, but also let us understand their own shortcomings and the direction of future efforts. In the future education and teaching practice, we will calm down, learn more, think more, more understanding, will learn, see, apply to their own teaching work, so that their professional quality has been improved, enrich and perfect. We will continue to focus on and deeply cultivate in the fertile soil of Qiyuan school education, in this fertile soil, sow knowledge, water wisdom, pass on beauty, do not forget the original aspiration, and go far!