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With the aesthetic education heart, meet the beautiful


School-based curriculum is the extension of classroom teaching, the need of quality education, and an effective way to implement the implementation of "double reduction" work. Qi yuan school follow the "combination of Chinese and western, art, make public personality, all-round development" educational principle, pay attention to the comprehensive cultivation of children artistic accomplishment, in the conveniently course big art field, in order to show the education idea of "10 + 3 + 1" five yuan quality development and children "14 + 4" can as training index system of practice, let the student release nature in art learning, show themselves, the school opened a rich and colorful art class school-based curriculum.


Art courses are a favorite professional option for children. Art advocates "natural teacher", the creative teaching of art, through art teaching training, cultivate children's observation, expression and imagination, and develop the child's image thinking and abstract thinking ability, play to the development of art teaching feeling organ training and education, promote the comprehensive development of child intelligence, emotional intelligence, quality, gradually play to the role of art leading education.

Oil painting class is a special course specially introduced by Qiyuan Primary School. Arrange the oil painting class in the first grade and the specialty class. The teaching of oil painting art in the school is in full swing under the guidance of Professor Ding Wei. Oil painting needs to use rich colors, and it is difficult to mix the colors, which is conducive to inspiring students' innovation and imagination. The study of oil painting can develop children's right brain, and children can find inspiration in the allocation of colors and release themselves in the creation.



The cartoon class pays special attention to the cultivation of students' personality and innovative spirit. The teacher adopts a variety of methods to help students use cartoon painting techniques and transform their skills and creativity into concrete results. Students understand the richness of cartoon painting, so as to improve their enthusiasm for cartoon painting and the spirit of art exploration.



Gouache painting to cultivate students 'color aesthetic feeling is an important course to improve students' color aesthetic interest. Through the teaching activities of gouache painting, let the students understand the color, understand the process of color change, improve the students' aesthetic understanding ability. The besmear of gouache can have cover force like oil paint, and also have strong attachment, when thin spread is like watercolor as smooth and moist. Just like magic like endless changes, it can effectively stimulate students' strong interest in painting, cause their creative desire and expression of pleasure, so gouache is very popular among students.




The course of oil painting stick uses the art language such as shape, color, mechanism and space, with the method of description and three-dimensional modeling, selects the tools and materials suitable for oneself, records and expresses what you have seen, heard, felt and thought, develops the ability of art conception and creation, and transmits their thoughts and emotions.


Aesthetic education is the students to explore the mind, explore their own way, carry out aesthetic education is to cultivate students correct aesthetic concept, develop students feel beauty, appreciation, create beauty ability, to awaken the student life internal warmth and strength, let the students in the aesthetic education of edify sentiment, perfect personality, comprehensive development, cultivate students to become rooted in China, financing, personality and comprehensive harmonious development of the global competence of the future elite and leaders.