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English you wonderful, language you share


Qiyuan School follows the forward-looking education concept of "listening to his voice, and education with the trend" proposed by Principal Wang Weijia, and fully implements the "14 + 4" children's behavior ability target system. Empowering students, they are committed to cultivating future innovative elite talents with national feelings and international vision with personality and comprehensive and harmonious development. The foreign teachers of Qiyuan School use the golden key of "English" to listen to the aspirations of children, parents and the society, to create a "borderless school", to open the window for children to see the world, broaden their horizons and broaden their thinking. Qiyuan Education, while cultivating compound talents for the country, also leads children on the road of spreading Chinese culture and tradition. Today, let's have a glimpse of the Qiyuan foreign teaching class!

Foreign teachers 'oral English class, focusing on improving students' oral expression ability, humorous foreign teachers combine teaching and entertainment into one, the children will feel more relaxed and happy. In such a relaxed and pleasant environment, the children's spoken English and pronunciation have been greatly improved, and their interest in English learning is also increasing.


Longman Exploration aims to enjoy the fun of learning in games, competitions, hobbies and entertainment. Science is very interesting! Students love creative projects and performance experiments. Many students' hobbies include science, such as collecting stones, keeping pets, making airplane models, handwork and so on. Some recreational activities such as swimming, backpacking and hiking, skating and other activities also contain science, which can be used by foreign teachers in the classroom. Look, under the guidance of teacher Sky, the students made the moon phase with Oreo cookies. In the middle school, fun!



Books are the crystallization of human wisdom, books are the inheritance of human civilization, and books are the spread of human culture. The book is the key for us to open the door of knowledge, the book is a leaf boat of our voyage, the book is the wings of our travel. The library in Qiyuan School has a variety of English story books. Under the guidance and guidance of the foreign teachers, the children enjoyed the sea of books and read deeply, and their English reading ability was improved imperceptibly.


Language learning cannot be separated from imitation and practice. If students want to master authentic English, they need to break through psychological barriers and strengthen communication and communication in the real context. Every Tuesday and Thursday, at 5:00 PM- - - - - - - - - -5:30 PM is the English corner time for our school students, one class at a time. Organized by full-time foreign teachers, a theme is set up each time. Under the guidance of the teacher, the children actively communicate in oral English, and their oral English and communication level is greatly exercised.



English learning through various activities, greatly mobilize the enthusiasm and initiative of students, students not only deeply understand the meaning and charm of the language, but also truly feel the charm of the language and authentic communicative language. Teaching is not a one-way indoctrination, but the interaction between teachers and students. English activities not only improve students' comprehensive ability to use English, but also improve their comprehensive ability of social interaction. By participating in various English activities, the children can experience different cultures and have a deeper understanding of the language, laying a good foundation for the children to become international elite leaders in the future.


Contribution: Ma Juan, draft group: Song Shuang)