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[Into the nature] a group of young lang, rushed to the big class


Late autumn Weiyang, early winter stage; year twilight light cold, all things return to hide.


Qiyuan School practices the education concept of "listening to its voice and conducting education with the trend", and creates a new situation of riding with the trend education. In order to further implement in order to further implement the "1364" core target quality, make the students into the nature, understand the law of "the autumn harvest winter", thus arouse the students love nature thoughts and improve the consciousness of thrift, improve the students 'body movement intelligence, strengthen the students' team strength, cultivate the students' practical ability and practice ability, learn farming, cherish food, horizons, quenching growth. Qiyuan School organized all the teachers and students to go to the fields to get close contact with the "big classroom" of nature.



The opening ceremony began with the magnificent and loud national anthem. All the teachers and students stood solemnly and sang the national anthem in unison.

Then the instructors danced the hot dance, the students danced with the beat of the feet of the hand, for a while, the scene atmosphere is active and warm, a sweep of the silence and desolation in early winter, Qiyuan school quality education labor practice activities opened the prelude.



  Children in the lower grades Like a group of butterflies Flying in the fields Pick it with great interest Enjoy the wet clothes A row, so strange Ask for your interest Now I drill into the mill Explore where the soy milk came from Running around and around ...... Describe the earth A beautiful picture scroll.




On the paper come zhongjue shallow, must know this matter to practice


  A charming young man in the middle school Like a gust of wind The dusty is coming Shuttle through the fields Push the stone mill, dig the sweet potatoes I was so busy They kept asking questions What is it?why Unafraid to pursue Keep exploring Willing to grow up on the road Can find the —— you want bear fruit




I play golf seriously.


Creeping walk, a reality show Real hero with real guns It is our duty to protect the country The vast sea of land should not be lost



Children are not solved for ploughing and weaving, but also near the mulberry Yin to learn "planting flowers".







Senior big friend More calm and calm "Climbing high and low" is even more afraid The "disaster" is very calm Challenge yourself in progress......

Forest kitchen, feeding class Set up a big pot, ample food and clothing A porridge and a meal, when the thinking is not easy, Five education simultaneously, education pattern





This labor practice, with the comprehensive education value of virtue, intelligence, strong education, education, so that students regain their interest and enthusiasm for labor, our school will continue to practice the "double reduction" policy, deepen the "five education simultaneously" education pattern, continue to carry out labor education, to labor tree, labor wisdom, labor, labor education. Help students develop good working habits, enhance team cohesion; cultivate self-confidence and responsibility, and create a better life with labor.

"Labor changes the world, and life is better because of labor."I hope that every child in Qiyuan loves labor and nature, and can grow into a future elite and leader with a personality rooted in China and comprehensive and harmonious development, and is responsible for the great responsibility of national rejuvenation.



Draft: Wang Lu)