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Shunshi class show, for the source of living water


    With a warm winter sun, meet in the homeopathic classroom; take a touch of teacher style, compose the times. In this early cold day, Qiyuan International School conducted a month-long classroom exhibition successfully concluded. The classroom style of 21 teachers is really a hundred flowers blooming ," group English "contention.

    The classroom teaching of Qiyuan International School always follows the innovative educational view of listening to its voice and adapting to the trend. In the positive exploration of the road to forge ahead. In accordance with the homeopathic classroom spirit of "problem inquiry and homeopathic guidance ", this class display activity takes students' autonomous learning and cooperative inquiry as the main learning methods, and guides students to discover and solve problems in the classroom, so as to stimulate their enthusiasm for learning to the maximum extent. And according to the teaching content and the teacher's personal specialty, the integration of Chinese and fine arts, mathematics and science, science and nutrition, English and sports and other sub-classes, fully demonstrated the essence of homeopathy classroom.

Self-taught questioning

    The ancients said :" good ask is Yu, self-use is small "," learn expensive have doubt, suspect, the opportunity of consciousness is also ".

    In the process of teaching, students are the main body of learning. In class, students first self-study new knowledge, and record the difficult problems encountered in the process of learning. The process of self-study questioning aims to make students develop the habit of positive thinking and greatly tap their individual learning potential.




    Cooperation and interpretation

    "A brick can not build a wall, a wood can not build a house ". Students submit problems encountered in self-study to the class for discussion and solve them in the form of mutual help between groups. In cooperative communication, students have more opportunities to express their views. This process exercises their language expression ability, but also enables students to learn to "listen ", accept different views, and expand their horizons. It promotes the development of their thinking.



    "Say" is an important part of clarifying the knowledge structure the results of group cooperation by each group of selected representatives to show, other groups to comment on and question it. The teacher is the instructor, instructs the student to report, guides the student to break through the key difficulty.



 The Master Leads

    The purpose of the workshop is to spread the concept of homeopathic education and teaching methods in a purposeful, planned and systematic way, to help the whole school teachers solve the problems encountered in the process of teaching and learning, and to give full play to the role of the famous teachers in driving, demonstrating and radiating, so as to form the group effect of famous teachers. This activity, for the further development of homeopathy education and the implementation of the five-yuan quality of students played a positive role in promoting.

    A famous teacher in the classroom —— into the math department Niu Yange teacher. Teacher Niu is experienced and creates a relaxed classroom atmosphere for students to guide students to solve problems independently in cooperation and communication. Students in the classroom boldly question, in the thinking collision with teachers, peers in the harvest of knowledge, appreciate the joy of learning; at the same time, students' thinking and innovation has been improved and developed. After class, teacher Niu also gave all the teachers from homeopathic classroom promotion, group building and how to guide students to learn and other aspects of experience sharing, so that the teachers here suddenly opened up, there is a "mountain and water no way, there is another village" feeling.




    Teaching experts, school leaders in-depth classroom guidance

    Qiyuan International School Director of Scientific Research, Chinese curriculum experts Pan Ying, mathematics curriculum experts Pang Weixi, physical education curriculum experts Wang Shengmin, music curriculum experts Pang Hongjie, primary school principal Chen Lina, Wang Qiuyue Vice President, Director Wang Yaqiong in-depth classroom listening and guidance. The guidance of experts and leaders, so that teachers benefit a lot, the school's overall teaching work to a higher level. After class, teachers have said that they will conscientiously learn from expert experience, constantly broaden their teaching ideas, consolidate their basic teaching skills, and improve their ability to control the classroom.


     Classroom teaching is the main position of improving teaching quality, and it is also an important way to carry out the development of students' five-yuan quality and the cultivation of "three forces ". It is the PK, of teachers' professional ability and provides a platform for teachers' classroom teaching ability.

    Shunshi class show, for the source of living .Class square inch, teacher show charm. Teachers' style comes from the guidance of famous teachers, the guidance of teaching experts and school leaders, and the diligent pursuit of teachers. The road ahead is long and the sea of learning is boundless. We will persevere, innovate boldly, constantly reflect and sum up, constantly seek and advance, and lay a solid foundation for the development of students' five qualities.



            Editer :Wang Yaqiong   Wang Lu