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Welcome 20, strive to be a good team member


     The children of the Chinese people forge ahead, and the land of China is thriving. The 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China opened in Beijing on October 16,2022! This is an important congress held at a critical moment when our Party is embarking on a new journey to fully build a modern socialist country and marching toward the second centenary Goal. It is a major event in the political life of the whole Party and the people of all ethnic groups in China. The 19th National Congress to the 20th National Congress is a period of China's two Centenary Goals. In order to welcome the victory of the party's twenty held, promote the construction of campus spiritual civilization, cultivate contemporary primary school students love the party patriotic feelings and responsibility, Qiyuan Primary school Zhongzhou literature society in the arrival of the party's twenty, specially carried out the "welcome twenty, strive to be a good team member" essay activity.


      In the essay solicitation activity, the young authors are all excited, high-spirited, high morale, in their own beautiful articles or to speak, or passionate, to express the infinite love and sincere feelings for the Communist Party of China. They use the sonorous and powerful language, praising the great achievements of the revolutionary martyrs, and expressed the love of the motherland and the Communist Party of China. 



"Remember the national humiliation, revitalize the Chinese Republic of China, China, this Oriental dragon, finally took off! But we must not forget: worry about work can rejuvenate the country, escape yu can die."May 1 class Ma Ruoxi students in the essay made an oath," from now on, we should cherish every minute, every second, we must cherish this good environment. ".


       In the breeze, in the sun, toward the bright five-star red flag issued their own clank oath, " remember the hero, pay tribute to the hero, learn the hero, become a hero, for the realization of the great Chinese nation and the rejuvenation of the Chinese dream moment ready! Ready for the realization of communism!"Young Pioneers brigade committee Li Junzhe students wrote in the essay," we should study hard, study hard, to be a useful person to the society in the future, through our hard work to make the motherland stronger.


    In this special period, the majority of Qiyuan school teenagers full of expectations, home to watch the "20" opening ceremony. At this moment, each of our youth are proud, are proud, are happy, are happy. It is the great Communist Party of China that gives us such a beautiful life and such a beautiful world. Let us Qiyuan school of teenagers work together, work together to create a better tomorrow!come on!!


"Red silk is wrapped with the golden stars, shining forever on this thick land... Twenty, a new journey! For the new journey, for, the new China.... " Class 53 class Li Xiang students with his passionate words, heroic told a new era of Qiyuan youth, the party's 20th sense of historical responsibility and sense of mission!


       In the twinkling of an eye has reached the fifth grade students! Yin Sun yi students recall the years of learning process, she is deeply that, is under the leadership of the party red scarf teach yourself how to be an honest, trustworthy, loving person, let oneself learned how to live, how from a naive child to young, she think red scarf has been her spiritual pillar in the process of growing up.

 Through this essay soliciting activity, the students know more about how the Chinese nation from suffering to brilliant difficult process, more feel the indomitable great spirit of the Communist Party of China. In this essay solicitation activity, the students also learned the strength to forge ahead. The essay activity made the majority of students in the depths of the heart by the love of the party and patriotic spirit baptism, enhanced the national confidence and pride of the majority of Qiyuan students, more determined their people to achieve national prosperity, national rejuvenation, the great "Chinese dream" and work hard to study, unremitting struggle confidence.

Editor: Song Shuang