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Meet on the Internet, the happiness in the heart


Novel coronavirus is rampant, the epidemic situation is grim, Zhengzhou has opened the online teaching mode! Following the strategic deployment of epidemic prevention and control of the municipal government and the work requirements of the Guancheng Hui District Education Bureau on online teaching, all the teachers of the Primary School Art Teaching and Research Group of Qiyuan School taught art class to Qiyuan students through the live broadcast platform according to the teaching work arrangement. Teachers and children roam together in the ocean of aesthetic education, leading the students to create beauty, enjoy beauty and show beauty.

So, let us use advanced network communication technology means, take you to enjoy the fruits of the children's hard work!


    How can we let the students have this long-awaited art class during the busy online class? This is the key to the teachers of the art group to consider! Combined with the "national standard", curriculum development and the school's advanced concept of "listen to their voice, and education", art group teachers according to the teaching plan and teaching progress, timely conducted detailed teaching research, and targeted for the students "art network teaching plan", its core is the course teaching in the form of live, the teacher through live and reassure students, in this way to complete course teaching objectives, as far as possible and students "invite the cloud, beautiful heart"!




Art research group of teachers in advance through online negotiation curriculum, active lesson preparation, do courseware, try to enrich the content of classroom teaching, and then according to the students' learning section requirements, good quality careful arrangement, strive to prepare each class like offline teaching public class fully, let the students feel more after class, aftertaste. Finally, we should review and summarize the current online teaching courses of this week on the weekend, make timely adjustment and optimization, and make the online teaching methods as perfect as possible. In order to mobilize the learning enthusiasm of the students, make the teaching content and methods rich and colorful, add to the interest of online teaching, and constantly improve the students' modeling, aesthetic and hands-on ability. After the online teaching course ends, the art teachers timely correct the homework submitted by the students, and make targeted comments, and realistically point out the advantages and disadvantages, which is of great benefit to promote the students' progress.




     Our online art class teaching brings rich fun and spiritual food to the children living at home, and sows the seeds of beauty in the children's hearts. At the same time, we are looking forward to the moment when we meet our children on campus!


Editor: Jiang Dongmei& Jin Ran)