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The Importance of Quality Education for the All


    Qiyuan Education adheres to its forward-looking core concept of "Touch their hearts, teach them what they need. " respecting the rule of children's physical and mental development and growth, respecting children's personality differences, paying attention to children's life and living conditions, insight into children's hearts, listening to children's voices, providing every child with education, teaching and activity classes suitable for his study, and promoting every child's natural life, easy learning and happy growth.


    In the face of fierce social competition, many parents will also consider saying that they want their children to have a skill, in the same age children will have a chance to win. In this way, for children in the future entrance examination, will also take extra points for children with special skills, which may be the original intention and initial choice of many parents.


   Learning skills, can improve children's self-confidence, help children rely on self-confidence and self-confidence and specialty.


Learning skills can improve children's comprehensive ability by excavating their potential in some aspects.


Learning skills can cultivate children's perseverance and enhance their ability to adapt to society better in the future.


To guide students to correctly handle the relationship between personality and all-round development

    The main task of students is to study. On the one hand, teachers should encourage students to make their individuality public, highlight individualized learning, and develop their own specialties. On the other hand, they should encourage students to develop in an all-round way and cultivate students into new talents who not only meet the common requirements of the times society, but also have distinct individuality, creativity and pioneering spirit.

Guide students to correctly handle the relationship between personality and self-discipline

   Students' personality characteristics have advantages and disadvantages, we say that the publicity of personality, mainly refers to the promotion of strengths and circumvent weaknesses, strive to cultivate and develop students those positive things, good and beautiful; For those negative retrogression false evil ugly things, we must guide students to understand their harmfulness, cultivate their self-discipline and develop good behavior habits. For those negative false evil ugly things, must be removed from their own, can not let it develop, otherwise easy to go to the extreme.

Guide students to correctly handle the relationship between individuals and groups

    After the students' personality is publicized, individual students may form extreme individualism on the grounds of respect for personality, and will show selfishness and arrogance, and their behavior may also cause adverse effects on others and even cause harm to the group. Therefore, teachers must help students to establish a correct outlook on life, values and world outlook, guide students to correctly handle the relationship between individuals and groups, guide students to correctly handle the relationship between independent innovation and unity and cooperation with others, so that individuals and groups can develop healthily together.


Hobbies can improve a child's character

    Through different interests and hobbies, children can choose to cultivate their character, such as: the child's character is more impatient, can learn chess and go and other slow-paced learning methods to improve the child's impatient character. Interests and hobbies change children and influence children from the inside, to a certain extent reflect the upbringing and taste of children, but also reflect the children's family culture.

How to Cultivate and Develop Students' Personality


 create conditions

     First of all, create conditions. Growth conditions can give birth to students' personality. Each student may have his or her own personality, but not necessarily his or her outstanding strengths. According to the actual situation of the students, the teacher should formulate measures and methods conducive to the development of students' personality, and try to make them open their personality and develop their specialties.


Careful observation

    Secondly, we should observe carefully and be good at discovering students' personality and specialty. From children, primary schools, to junior high schools, students' interests and hobbies, personality traits will be expressed to varying degrees, may still be in the bud at first, performance is not very obvious, which requires the teacher to observe carefully, with a pair of intelligent eyes, to find the potential of students, if students' personality performance is more obvious, it is more necessary to encourage cultivation, must not turn a blind eye, let, otherwise students' interests can not be nurtured or suppressed, and then disappear. In addition, for students with "strange" personality behaviors, teachers should not be biased, nor should they be criticized as "typical ", but should take the initiative to approach them and understand their inner world in order to develop healthily. Perhaps they are" geeks "with special talents.


 make best use of the advantages and bypass the disadvantages

Then we should develop our strengths and circumvent our weaknesses and develop our students' personality. There are different personality traits, hobbies and study habits of each student, and there are also advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, when cultivating and developing students' personality traits, teachers must take advantage of the situation, take advantage of their strengths and circumvent their weaknesses, and give full play to their positive personality traits. In class management, teachers should seize every opportunity to guide and affirm students, even a little spark of personality should make it bright, so that students' interest in learning will become stronger and stronger. Personality will also be unconsciously cultivated.



The value of cultivating children's interests and hobbies

    When a child completes a strange and interesting thing, he can intuitively bring a sense of achievement and confidence to the child.

     Among peers, especially those with common interests, they can make good friends and partners better. Interest is a great help to cultivate children's interpersonal communication, it can enable children in the future when facing social, can fully show themselves, play self.

     Having said so much, of course, the most worrying thing for parents is their children's behavior habits, which tend to show "three minutes of heat ". Children are very motivated to learn a specialty at first, but it is very difficult to persist for a long time, so parents need to encourage their children to learn to adhere to good habits —— develop education.

      Cultivating education is to cultivate children to develop good habits. Cultivating education is to start with the children's behavior habits, use the educational methods suitable for children, improve the quality of children in an all-round way, so as to achieve the goal that children can form good habits. Cultivation education is a lifelong education, habit is the product of cultivation education, habit changes one's life, habit determines one's destiny.


 Editor: Wang Han


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