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Chess —— An imaginative competitive art


Qiyuan education aims at the art cultivation of students and adds multiple intelligence courses. Students can choose freely according to their own strengths and interests. Obviously, art education is obviously higher than general universal education, and the requirement of professional level will be improved accordingly. Art education is not only to promote students' professional art level, but also to create a strong artistic atmosphere through the cultivation of art, so that students' interest in active learning can be greatly enhanced. At the same time, it is also helpful to reduce the pressure of students' learning culture course, thus improve their learning interest and learning efficiency, complete the function of multiple intelligence education and right brain development, and realize the modern educational concept of education and fun.

Chess games originated in Asia more than two thousand years ago, and modern rules were shaped in Europe at the end of the 15th century. The International Chess Federation has 189 member countries or regions ,5 million registered chess players and hundreds of millions of enthusiasts.


Chess has its remarkable characteristics, that is, easy entry, strong antagonism, rich changes, interesting, it combines athletics, science, art in one, can be described as parent-child interaction, young and old.


  Many educational experts and scholars say :" Smart children like to play chess, children playing chess are smarter ." The Board of School Education of the International Chess Federation summarizes the benefits of introducing chess into basic education as follows:

1.It can fully improve learners' logical thinking ability.

2.It helps to acquire all basic ways of understanding and to consolidate other ways of understanding.

3.It helps to understand the concepts of classification and numbers.

4.It can classify it according to the meaning of sub-force and combine the relevant factors according to the regularity of its change.

5.Can perform the most basic mathematical operations.

6.Began to form a preliminary concept of time and space.

7.Understand the meaning of straight lines.

8.Understanding of three-dimensional space and its links.

9.It helps to raise attention and awareness of compliance.

10.It promotes moral self-discipline and mental development, i.e. behaviour that is not extreme and can learn to respect each other's character.


Lenin, the great mentor, said :" chess is the gymnastics of wisdom ". Since the 1950s, the former Soviet Union has had specialized chess courses from kindergarten to primary, secondary and tertiary institutions. Chess is known in Europe as the "highest level on the sports ladder ", and in 2012 the European Parliament formally adopted the" Chess into European Schools "program. Chess is recognized not only as a sport but also as an integral part of the modern education system.


Adhering to systematic chess training is conducive to promoting the harmonious development of students' comprehensive qualities such as conduct, intelligence, aesthetics and body and mind, helping students to concentrate, cultivate patience and perseverance, develop students' creativity, intuition, memory, analytical ability and decision-making ability, and endow students with strong determination, good motivation and sports spirit.


Qiyuan chess association has been developing and improving in the past three years, and has gradually formed a good atmosphere of learning chess in each grade and class. A number of students actively participated in Henan Province chess level competition exercise chess skills, successfully promoted to 8 to 10 chess players; small members have also team attack, Zhengzhou primary and secondary school students chess competition group first prize, For the school honor added glory.

From class to field, from campus to family, from game to competition, challenge difficulties beyond themselves. Chuangsheng training School connects the school and the family through the link of chess interest cultivation, and witness the happy growth of children. Sincerely welcome more students and we open the door of wisdom, a period of interest to explore the "chess" wonderful journey ," chess "thinking, happy in chess!

Qiyuan Chuangsheng Training School also offers multi-intelligence courses: art, Lego robots, drums, chess, magic, Rubik's Cube, science, taekwondo, Eucri, eloquence, calligraphy, abacus, double-row keys, basketball, go, Chinese, mathematics, English and other arts, subject courses, to provide children with a full-disciplinary, high-quality teaching guidance, from a variety of aspects to promote the child's personality and overall harmonious development.

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