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This is a fun home baking class, come to a delicious wonderful trip!


      Follow the innovative education concept of "Touch their hearts, follow their needs", and start the class with joy in the home baking classroom of the club for the full implementation of the basic quality standards of students" and the core high-quality standards of "1 plus 6 plus 2", and enhance students' perseverance and social practice ability. This home baking class invited Qiyuan outstanding students - Amy Yang as a Star Teacher.



        Qiyuan home baking courses cultivate students' sense of labor. As parents to care for their innate ability to learn and love the ability to work, for students to show the enthusiasm for learning and labor, parents must support and guide.

        This home baking class helps students to establish a sense of cooperation, the production of biscuits in all aspects, the need for division of labor and cooperation. For example, stir batter, noodles, press molds and so on.


        DIY home baking class can inspire students to enrich the imagination, small fish, piglets, little lions, small houses and other innovative shapes in the hands of small chefs born. Watching his work spray out, and then the beauty of eating belly, that satisfaction really don't mention.



     The process of making cookies taught students to be patient. Let's take a closer look at how the cookies are cooked, and the baking trays are hot after the cookies are baked, and the cookies need to cool down before they are more delicious.



      Children are born full of curiosity, flour, butter, sugar powder and other ingredients, to look at, smell, touch, know a lot of ingredients and production tools, learned the life of small common sense.


       Qiyuan home baking courses not only cultivate students "focused and quiet, strong and firm" excellent quality, but also let students experience the joy of paying, harvesting and sharing, showing Qiyuan colorful integration courses. Wishing our Children of Qiyuan an early personality and comprehensive and harmonious development, rooted in China, integration of China and foreign elite leaders with global competence!


Editor: Wang Han